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  • The rising cost of energy is one of the greatest concerns of business owners and facility managers today. Energy is lost through reflectivity, radiation, and convection. Most conventional insulation systems absorb and fully load heat; the heat then transfers through the material to the substrate. Therefore the systems require greater thickness to load more heat into created airspaces. Ceramic radiant barrier is a blend of ceramic compounds that will block and reflect heat. The ceramic does not absorb heat and was not designed on (R) resistance; it was developed to prevent, reflect, and repel heat from the surface and therefore does not allow heat to be absorbed by the surface it is covering.

    • Blocks 95% of heat load (blocks the absorption of and transfer of heat)
    • Blocks water and moisture penetration
    • Blocks air infiltration
    • Interior insulation by emissivity (0.91), moisture block and air block to hold convective heat inside a room
    • Cradle to cradle GOLD certificate for excellence from MBDC
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    • Energy Star Rated
    Appearance Creamy Liquid  
    Color Bright White Contact us for the availability of Cool Colors
    Coverage (@20mils) 50 ft²/gallon 1.2 m²/l (@ 0.5mm)
    Drying Time 1 to 2 Hours at 70° F with Humidity <60%  
    Flash Point No Flash to Boil  
    Maximum Surface Application Temperature 300° F/149° C *Temperatures over 300°F with special training
    pH 8.45-9.50  
    Solids by Volume 80% ±4  
    Specific Gravity 0.594  
    Thickness (Typical) 0.020” (0.5 mm)  
    Viscosity 3,500-8,000 cps Using Brookfield viscometer with #3 spindle at 12 rpm
    VOC 5.3 g/l  
    Weight of Non-Volatiles 43%  
    Weight per Gallons 5 lbs (0.6 kg/l)


    AirPermeance ASTM E-2178 0.0001 L/(s∙m²) at 75 Pa (0.00002 cfm/ft² at 1.56 lb/ft²)
    Flame Spread ANSI/UL 723 0  
    Smoke Developed ANSI/UL 723 5  
    Water VaporPermeance (Desiccant Method) ASTM E-96 207 ng/(Pa∙s∙m²) 3.617 perms
    Water Vapor Permeance (Water Method) ASTM E-96 387 ng/(Pa∙s∙m²) 6.779 perms
    Accelerated Aging ASTM G-53 200 Hour Passed
    Cross Hatch Adhesion ASTM D-3359 100  
    Density (g/cm³) ASTM D-792 0.41  
    Elongation (Elasticity) ASTM D-882 65%  
    Emissivity ASTM C-1371 0.88 initial 0.86 3 year (3 year numbers aged no wash)
    Normal Emittance ASTM E-408 .94  
    Pull Adhesion (Method B-Concrete) ASTM D-4541 1,447 kPa 209.9 psi
    Pull Adhesion (Method B-Plywood) ASTM D-4541 1,348 kPa 195.6 psi
    Reflectivity ASTM C-1549 0.83 initial 0.64 3 year (3 year numbers aged no wash)
    Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) ASTM E-1980 104 initial 77 3 year (3 year numbers aged no wash)
    Tensile Strength (lb/in²) ASTM D-882 66.7  
    Water Resistance AATCC 127 No water leakage at 55 cm

    DESCRIPTION: The coating is a single component spray applied thermal barrier coating encompassed of ceramics and acrylics (water based). This product is easy to apply in new or retrofit construction and enhances the performance of insulation, HVAC Duct Work, Wall Systems, and Roof Systems for all types of substrates including metal, brick, cement block, concrete, wood, or sheet rock. The coating is MAS Certified Green and UL® Classified as a Class A Fire Retardant with a 0 (zero) Flame Spread. When used as the Primary Thermal Envelope (PTE), The coating seals the structure and minimizes Solar/Radiant Heat Gain. Lowering built-up heat due to solar heat gain results in lower roof temperatures and reduced cooling costs. The coating guards insulation against moisture, thermal transfer, thermal bridging, and conduction; it also allows entrapped moisture to escape all of which provides an environment closer replicating the lab conditions where insulation is assigned its “R” value. The coating is sustainable as it lowers the energy consumption of a structure, prolongs the life of the building materials and adds no harmful VOCs to the indoor or outdoor environment during installation,service or dismantling and recycling.

    DISCLAIMER: The technical information contained herein is true and accurate at the date of issuance and can be changed without notice.