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  • AE Dual Defense is a unique two coat process, coupled with priority formulation of the coatings, that when applied to your HVAC unit will:

    • IMMEDIATELY reduce Energy Consumption for your HVAC unit by a minimum of 20% and in some cases achieve over 42% energy reduction
    • Reduce your firms Carbon Footprint
    • Increase the useful life of your HVAC
    • Provide long-term protection against bacteria, mold, mildew and corrosion
    • Restore your HVAC operating efficiency to near original performance
    • Increase your bottom line
    • EPA compliant coating
    • Energy Star rated
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – AE Dual Defense energy savings coatings uses a clear or Tinted coatings is a treatment system designed for long-term corrosion protection while achieving significant Energy savings for the HVAC/R industry. It is a low VOC, waterborne and an air dry system. It was formulated and engineered specifically to achieve maximum energy efficiency. AEPS coatings will not only extend the life of a new or existing unit but restore the operating efficiency of the unit to near original performance. When applied properly, will not yellow, chip, crack, or peel. The product is designed to coat surfaces that require a hard, flexible, and corrosion resistant thin coating of .2 -.3 Mil. A value added benefit is that is can withstand temperatures of 2,000ºF/1093ºC. AE Dual Defense offers excellent coverage, durability, has excellent UV and impact resistance. Our coating provides superior oxidation protection as well as being an EPA compliant coating. Our coatings are applied clear and is available in a color tinted formula (green). It requires no harsh chemicals for maintenance and will NOT harbor bacteria, mold or mildew.

    ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGES – AEPS coating is an EPA compliant coating and does not contain lead or chromates. The product provides 100% coverage at a micron level, superior adhesion, field tested corrosion protection and proven energy savings. This is an air dry application system which drastically reduces infrastructure need, application time, and process and customer disruption.


    • Available in a permanent tint – green
    • Does not reduce heat transfer or efficiency
    • Non-photo chemically reactive
    • Application by spraying, dipping or wiping
    • Little odor
    • Solvent is used for clean-up
    • Air dry or force curing preferred
    • Pot life of 24 hours
    • No special safety equipment required
    • Hard, Glass surface repels oils, dirt and moisture
    • Low VOC, waterborne product
    • Inorganic – Will NOT promote bacteria or mold
    • UV Stable (constant exposure)
    • Excellent hardness
    • Excellent adhesion – covalent bonding
    • Excellent flexibility for surface expansion / contraction
    • Excellent impact resistance
    • Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance
    • Excellent heat tolerance (2000ºF/1093ºC+ with no visible effects)
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Increases equipment life AND long-term Energy Performance

    RECOMMENDED USES: HVAC/R Units, refrigeration & Coils


    • Liquid, clear; permanent tint colors available
    • Specific Gravity: >1
    • Evaporation Rate: Slower than ether
    • VOC: 2.68 lb/gal; 321 gm/ltr
    • % Solid by weight: 25.6%
    • % Solid by volume: 25%
    • Weight per gallon: 8.1 lbs
    • Flash Point: 150ºF/65.5oC CC Part A
    • Flash Point: 150ºF/66 oCCC Part B


    • Recommended film thickness for test results on Aluminum is 0.1-0.2 mil (0.0254-0.762 mm)
    • Salt Spray: Excellent-Passed 4,000 hour test with no visible effects
    • UV Resistance: Excellent
    • Solvent Resistance: 50+ Double-rubs MEK, Xylene, Acetone
    • Flexibility: Excellent
    • Theoretical Coverage at 0.1 mil: 4,010 ft2 per gallon (1,604 x 25% solids by volume)
    • Adhesion / Impact Resistance: Excellent
    • Hardness: Excellent. Minimum 4H
    • Drying Time (Air Dry): Recoat – Before 1 hour @ 50% humidity and 75ºF/23.9ºC
    • Drying Time (Air Dry): Dust Free – 20 minutes @ 50% humidity and 75ºF/23.9ºC
    • Drying Time (Air Dry): Dry to Handle – 1 - 2 hours @ 50% humidity and 75ºF/23.9ºC


    • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) 2.68 lb/gal; 321 gm/ltr when catalyzed
    • Free of lead and chromates


    Metals: Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt, and other foreign matter.

    Paints: Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt and other foreign matter and completely cured.

    Powder Coating: Surface must be free of grease, oil, dirt and other foreign matter.